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Keody Thompson has been selling real estate in Jamaica since 2010. As an award-winning agent who is accomplished in her field Keody’s success comes from the fact that she knows her business well with vast knowledge of the Jamaican real estate market. Ranked as the #1 agent at Jamaica Sotheby’s International Realty in sales and rental volume and highest GCI 2022 Keody’s award-winning excellence and client-first philosophy transcends to the relationships she has forged throughout her career.

She also has a keen eye for value and potential, and delivers “real” honest real estate services to every single client. With genuine caring and a straightforward get things done approach, she has closed deals all over the island, from the city of Kingston to the west of the island in Negril, and many neighborhoods in between. Keody has spent over a decade excelling in the competitive landscape of Jamaican real estate, establishing a reputation as a well-respected and innovative agent.

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My lovely Keody. There are so many things I can say about her. She is more than a Realtor® to me as she is also a friend. She helped my husband and I obtain our first apartment. She worked assiduously to help us locate the perfect home in the perfect location. We were kept abreast of everything throughout the process. There was never a moment I felt I was left in the dark wondering what the next steps were. I always respected her diligence and strong moral compass. She was unwavering in her support. Another thing I appreciated was her candidness when we looked at properties together. As a client, I never had to worry about the quality of the property I was choosing when she was around, she would be quite frank about the pros and cons of each place we explored, allowing me to make the best-informed decision. I can't forget to mention her detailed and creative eye! Talk about having someone help you envision the potential end product of a place before you move in. That's what Keody did for us. It also helps that she has every handyman at her disposal, so not only can she help you envision the end product but she can also put you in contact with the right person to make those dreams a reality. Working with Keody is simply more than working with a "Realtor®", the girl is so multifaceted that you end up getting so much more out of the experience than you can even begin to imagine.
I’m very honored to be able to speak with you about my dearest Realtor®, Keody Thompson. I have worked with her for a long time and from the beginning I have been very satisfied with her service and the information provided. Not only did she provide me with the information I needed very quickly, accurately, at every moment, but she also did her best to ensure that I was able to conclude the contract on the best terms. My husband and I search for and select properties with very strict criteria. And I’ve never been disappointed or dissatisfied with all the contracts I’ve had with her. I’ve met a lot of Realtors®, but she’s the first Realtors® who have been in a relationship for such a long time. Because she provides me and my husband with such perfect and professional information and services. Now it’s more familiar and natural for us to call her our friend than to call her our Realtor®. She is very kind and professional. We can guarantee that the information and services she provides are the best and that she does her best every moment for her clients. I can tell you if you meet her as your Realtor®, you have already achieved the best conditions in the contract that you have to do. Because she’s the best.
Many thanks to my Realtor® in Jamaica, Keody the Realtor®! I trusted her with my whole heart plus my money! Oh yes, I did! I wanted to buy an investment property in Kingston, Jamaica, and had no idea where to look, but recalled seeing Keody posting properties on Facebook; she was just glowing and happy. It's like beautiful light was shunning her. Sometimes hit me to reach to out her and this is the result! I love it! Purchased while under construction, I trusted that it was the right unit as the view was extremely important to me. Everything was perfect and I got what I paid for! I even trusted Keody to collect the keys on my behalf and hold until I made it to Jamaica! Thank you so much!
My experience with our agent Keody Thompson was a very special time. For three years my wife and I would come to Jamaica to try to find a villa that would meet our needs and during these visits Keody was our agent and we searched from Negril to Ochi until we found our Villa in Rose Hall Estates and it was Keody's help and determination that made our dream come true. Her professional work ethics and knowledge made the purchase process run smoothly from lawyer, surveyor and government processes she walked us through each step. If you are looking for an agent look no further Keody Thompson is the one that could make your dreams, come true. Thank you Keody for all your timeless help.
I am Terry-Ann Mahabeer VP at Accupower Jamaica Limited. I have had the pleasure of working with Keody Thompson on several real estate purchases to include both commercial and residential transactions. From our first engagement with Keody, the decision was made that this is our Realtor® going forward, she exudes all the characteristics of a true professional, with her client’s interest being of paramount importance. We continue to repose our trust and confidence in Keody and to this date we are yet to be disappointed. Keody is a very determined individual and even when all seems to be lost on a purchase, she fights to the end which usually yield the desired positive results.
Keody has served as our main Realtor® for several years now. She has excelled at this and covers many aspects of our needs, be it to find suitable tenants for our rental properties, to seek real estate for purchase or to sell real estate we hold. Together we have undertaken many transactions and Keody has serve us with distinction. Very professional, pleasant, efficient and astute is an accurate description of Keody. She is always keen and energetic to undertake new projects and we can rely on her sound knowledge of the market conditions to guide us. Most memorable is her finding a sale for one of our properties within a day of listing!
I continue to benefit from Keody's talents and professional advice as a Realtor®, even after her helping to make my dreams come true! I am always delighted to recommend her services to those who are seeking to sell, purchase, or lease properties across Jamaica, and always hear positive feedback from such clients. Keep up the great work Keody!
Keody has been my reliable Realtor® throughout all my home journeys from rentals to the purchasing of my first home. Keody is the epitome of professionalism and finesse, she does not compromise on quality and she always put the best interest of her clients first.
My place got rented so quickly and the whole experience was amazing. She was very professional and hired someone to take such delightful photos.
Keody Thompson is super professional! To the letter and to the very minute details she makes it happen!

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The Jamaican economy has undergone significant changes over the last 30 years that have moved the country from least developed to middle income status. This has been achieved through concerted efforts to promote and attract investments from the domestic business community as well as from overseas investors.


The economy has now established itself as a leading competitive investment destination in the Latin America and Caribbean region.

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Whether buying or selling, Keody delivers service beyond comparison. Keody works closely with each of her clients to find their ultimate property in the most premier locations and secures the best deal. When listing a property, Keody maximizes each property’s market value with her unmatched marketing strategy.

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